A Brief Bio

Born in Oklahoma, my wife, Jane Wardle-Kimmel, and I have made Burnsville our  home since 1997. We have three girls, Elizabeth, Vanessa, and Alexandra, each a successful product of our public school system.

I received appointments to US Military Academy and US Air Force Academy as well as a full Naval ROTC scholarship to the University of Oklahoma, entering the US Air Force Academy in June, 1970. In 1972, I transferred to University of Oklahoma College of Business Administration and graduated in 1974 with a major in Economics. I received a Master of Science degree in Computer Science from North Central College (Illinois) in 1991.

I was elected twice to the Lockport (Illinois) Township High School Board of Education, serving two four-year terms. I am currently employed by US Bank in their technology and operations service. I am an avid marathon runner as well active bicyclist and cross-country skier.  I train on the paths around Sunset Lake Pond, near my house, and on roads and other parks in the area.

My cousin Stephen Kimmel, another avid marathoner, and I have formed TeamKimmel.org. See our results here: Team Kimmel Results.